Thursday, April 23, 2015

Look 795 Aerolight Mentioned in VeloNews Buyer's Guide

Look 795 Aerolight Named Among Best Bikes to Lust After

"Using a digital wind tunnel to design the 795, Look utilized a new manufacturing technique to create optimum aerodynamic shapes without adding weight. As a result, the 795 is an incredible bike over any terrain, as effective climbing mountain passes as it is on descents or on flat roads into the wind. The integration is ahead of its time, too, lending a unique look that we’ve grown to love." - VeloNews

The engineering team took their experience with the 695 and improved an already aero and advanced machine to make something that’s even more aero and advanced – an impressive effort indeed.

look795stemLook Aerostem

The stem can be combined with a standard handlebar or for maximum aero effect (and maximum $) combined with LOOK’s new ADH handlebar which is a carbon bar that’s been developed with their experience with track riders. The tops are flat, it has an ergonomic and wind tunnel tested aero shape that is extremely stiff with a 120mm drop and 75mm reach.

Frame: Carbon fiber; NACA-inspired tubes
Fork: Carbon fiber; integrated brake

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
Dura-Ace Direct- Mount rear brake






Zed 2 one-piece carbon crankset

The Zed 2 is one solid piece of carbon that quite frankly blows other cranksets out of the water with its stiffness to weight ratio. The crank length is also variable (170, 172.5 and 175) thanks to its three-lobe insert.


There is so much more to this bike, but the best way to experience it is to see one for yourself. 

Come in today so we can help you find the bike of your dreams.

Or maybe you would be more interested in a road bike like this one from BMC.

The 2015 BMC Granfondo GFO2 Disc Ultegra

You can ride one of these amazing 2015 BMCs at our BMC RIDE EVENT on May 9th and 10th.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mark Your Calendar For BMC Demo Days! May 9th and 10th, 2015

Want To Ride A Brand New 2015 BMC? Here is Your Chance! 



Saturday May 9th 11-5PM      
@T3 Cycling and Triathlon             
     Sunday May 10th 12-4PM 
@Town Run Trail Park

Join us on Saturday May 9th from 11-5 at T3 Cycling and Triathlon for:

  • BMC Road Bike Demos
  • Chicken Wings Prepared by In-House Chef/Mechanic Doug Friedenson
  • Other Snacks and Beverages
  • Great Giveaways!
Then, join us on Sunday, May 10th from 12-4 at Town Run Trail Park for:

  • BMC Mountain Bike and Road bike Demos
  • Snacks and Beverages
  • An awesome time at the Trail Park!
  • Great Giveaways!

Don't miss your opportunity to ride the newest bikes from one of the best bike companies in the world!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 Felt Edict 5 Mountain Bike ON SALE

15% OFF - 2015 Felt Edict 5 

You'll discover at least 5 new ways to leave your buddies in the dust with Felt's XC-dominating Edict 5. 

Felt's lightweight UHC carbon frame is agile and perfectly matched to its Suntour/RockShox suspension for 100mm of confidence-inspiring travel.

 Was: $2599.00              NOW: $2209.15

The stout, 29-inch WTB rims and Schwalbe tires perform with traction that lets you charge harder and faster than ever.

Shimano Deore components and Shimano discs take care of the rest with crisp shifting and powerful braking on any trail.

The Edict line uses their Fast suspension platform, which is a pivot-free rear triangle that uses flex in the seat stays to allow for a lighter, stiffer rear end.

At the top of the travel, the flex is helping to unweight the suspension, creating anti-pedal bob. Weighting the bike with rider sag puts it into a neutral position, which they say allows for a very supple yet efficient short travel suspension that doesn’t need as much (or any) platform built into the shock. For longer travel bikes, they use their Equilink design that connects the upper and lower linkages to control the curve and axle path.

Come check this bike out today, 
as well as the rest of the 2015 line up from Felt.

2015 Felt Z4 Disc 2015 Felt AR2 2015 Felt Z95

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

HELP! Does your Shimano GPS Unit Give Intermittant Signals? tackles the EWWO1 placement issue

For an engineering perspective on various bicycle products and mechanical issues you might find to be a great resource, very enjoyable, and useful. We are reprinting here his article on the best way to mount your EWW01 so that you get uninterrupted transmission:

I’ve been experimenting with best location for the EWWo1. I have heard several people say that, depending on which GPS head unit you are running, there might not be enough signal strength for the head unit to read. Some cyclists have experienced timeouts with their head units and dropped/missing data when processing the results.
Reading through Shimano’s tech docs for the EWW01, they imply that this location is a requirement. They seem very specific that the location needs to be mounted between 110mm and 130mm above the top of the right rear dropout. In actuality, this is only a recommendation for placement.

Right rear seat stay mounting: The advantages are (1) easy access, (2) ease of connecting, (3) tucked in and out of the way. The disadvantage being that some GPS head units might not pick up its signal.
So, where to mount it? This will work for both the older Ultegra 6770 SM-EW67A-E front junction (shown to the left) and the newer 3-port Shimano SM-EW90-A or the 5-port SM-EW90-B front junction (shown to the right). It’s just that the newer units are easier to work with, program and upgrade firmware. But, you can still attach the EWW01 into either front junction/system option.
Placing the EWW01 in different places on the bicycle, the BEST place that I have found to mount the unit is under the handlebars. It includes all of the advantages of right rear seat stay mounting and none of the disadvantages.

So give it a try. You still have easy access to the front junction for programming and the EWW01 unit is within inches of your GPS head unit, close enough so you will never have to worry about dropped data or timeouts.

The image below shows the EWW01 attached to the front of my bike and a photo of the Cyclo505 paired with Di2.
NOTE: To pair the Magellan Cyclo 505 to the EWW01, simply, make sure
  1. the Di2 settings are selected on the Cyclo 505
  2. add at least one Di2 info screen to the main navigation panel
  3. mount the Cyclo 505 to your bike
  4. ensure the Cyclo 505 is powered on
  5. disconnect the Di2 battery and count slowly to 5
  6. plug the Di2 battery back in (the Cyclo 505 will recognize it immediately)
  7. power on the Di2 system by clicking any of the shift paddles

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

T3's Top Bikes — 2015 BMC TimeMachine TM01 Ultegra Di2 | T3 Cycling and Triathlon

The Fastest Bike On Earth

The BMC Timemachine TM01 with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 is almost entirely the build that the BMC racing team takes to kill ProTour time trials. Cadel Evans rode his TM01 from second place in general classification to first in the 2011

Tour de France and Andreas Raelert set a world-record IronMan bike split on one. And it has defeated the clock in plenty of other time trails as well. The speed is thanks to BMC's subA concept, where they minimize both frontal area and tubing bulk thanks to smart, wind tunnel-tuned profiling.

The frameset is extremely fast, and the 3T Brezza 2 Team handlebars make the fast bike faster, with the Shimano Di2 shifters on both the horns and the brake levers, making the ride faster still because shifting is always at hand. And the battery is hidden inside the seat post to make sure the wind can't find it.

The one place where this TM01 departs from the team build is at the wheels. The Zipp 808 Firecrest tubulars are among the fastest wheels on the market, while still being relatively light and stable in crosswinds. They're dressed in Continental Competition 25mm tires, which both help with the wheel aerodynamics and improve comfort.

Comfort is important when time trialing. Many think racing the watch is about tucking into an uncomfortable position and grinding away. BMC considered the rider when designing the bike, so it is neither stiff like a board nor flexy like a noodle. It provides plenty of stiffness for translating power to the pedals, but thanks to tube shaping, offers some give for comfort. Keeping this in mind, they spec'd a Fizik Arione K3 saddle, a tri' specific saddle that, while it shares a basic shape with the road-oriented Arione, has a wider and more padded nose.

Of course, the fastest bike in the world won't help you if it doesn't fit. That's why BMC created Position 2 Perform (P2P), a sizing system that takes in both their Tri-Angle Concept stem module and their 21-21 seat post. The stem has 30 positions. The seat post clamp can be shifted from 21mm behind the bottom bracket axis to 21mm in front of it.

The BMC Timemachine TM01 with Dura Ace Di2 is set up to vanquish the best time trialists in the world. Imagine what it can do with your legs.

-----> From

This isn’t a bean-counters’ bargain-bike, but every bit as much of a character ride as it looks. While there’s a slight pause as you break the seal on the weight, just turning the cranks is proof of what an incredibly rigid powertrain BMC has built into the TMR. The rigidity means every muscle fibre from your shoulders to the small of your back is able to pitch in without pulling the bike off line or provoking distracting flex somewhere in the system.

Once you’ve got it up to speed, it’s time to tuck down and let the aerodynamics take the strain out of sustained speed. The ability of the Timemachine to keep turning a big gear is remarkable. We were certainly glad of the bigger ratios of the full-sized chainrings to fully showcase its potential for setting extremely fast, full-aero-bike-style times on our regular test loops. While the narrow width bars won’t suit some riders, the ability to alter the seat angle as part of BMC’s Position2Perform design was definitely popular with those used to tri bikes.

The aerodynamics and power delivery don’t have any negative affect on handling either. Despite the narrow bars, short wheelbase and reversed brakes, the truncated aero shapes and precision responsiveness meant we never felt nervous on gusty ridge lines or wet descents. The built-in brakes are powerful and controlled, especially compared to most aero set-ups we’ve used.

The blistering speed and laser guided handling does come at the cost of comfort though. Both the frame and the Mavic wheels are extremely stiff and you need to be careful picking lines and nursing traction on rough roads if you want to avoid a serious rattling.

BMC’s Timemachine Road is one of the fastest and most precise handling aero road bikes we’ve ridden. With an excellent performance and potential positions comparable to full-on triathlon bikes, it’s perfect for powerful triathletes wanting one racing bike for both draft-legal and non-drafting events. It’s not comfortable on back roads though.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring is Here. Are You Ready To Get Back In The Saddle?

Is Your Bike Ready For You? We Have Indy's Top Mechanics Ready To Help.

Doug Freidenson

After a short hiatis from T3, Doug is back!  He has been in the bike business for 12 years, 4 of those years with T3.  Not only does Doug add some comic relief to the store, he brings his incredible bike mechanic skills as well.  He loves to do city riding and is an amazing cook too.  He keeps us well-fed with his famous bar-b-que cooking at races.  (That amazing grilled teriaki chicken smell wafting in the air at Indy Crit?  Doug.)  

Eric Roberson

Eric has been in the bike business for 12 years, 9 as Professional Bike Mechanic.  His knowledge of bikes and skills as a mechanic are legendary!  He has also been an obsessed cylist for years!  He's a Cat 2 Mtb racer. His skills and abilities on a mountain bike are legendary too! With some arm-bending he also races crits and Cyclocross. He loves Cross! Right Eric?!  He can also brew up a very mean Esspresso!

Come in today and let T3 Cycling and Triathlon take care of all your cycling needs!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Discounted Tires at T3 Cycling and Triathlon!

Get 25% OFF any In-Stock set of Tires!

Vittoria, Zipp, Continental, Michelin and More in all 3 wheel sizes!

Stop by today to check out our selection!


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