Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Top Notch Bikes Coming Out of the Felt Lab

Consumers May Be Surprised At How Light, Fast, Snappy, and Tough A Bike They’ve Barely Heard Of Can Be

Written by Lennard Zinn of Velonews

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told, “We’re a small company, and the only way we can compete with the big companies is to make a better product,” I’d be a very rich man. Given the engineering budgets of companies like Trek, Specialized, Giant, and Cannondale, it’s hard to make a bike better than they make. But Felt Bicycles is a small company that surpasses them in some areas.

Just the fact that you most likely hear very little about Felt, especially now that its bikes are no longer being ridden by UCI WorldTour teams, may indicate that it’s not a marketing-driven company. Rather, it is a product-driven company, and has been ever since Jim Felt started making custom aluminum bikes with his name on them decades ago. Felt employs a small team of talented engineers, and the company and its product line are too small for them to be dedicated to single categories. Instead, ideas that work on road bikes rapidly cross-pollinate to mountain, cyclocross, and track bikes, and vice versa.

Some of these ideas can make a big difference. Here are a number of innovative details of Felt bikes that could easily escape notice, yet I believe they are rare enough and important enough to make Felt bikes stand out as superior in these areas.


1. Seatpost clamping

You may think that how a seatpost is clamped to the bike is a yawner. However, with a material like carbon that only works well in tension and not in compression, it’s a significant issue. A seat binder generally works by compressing both the top of the seat tube and the seatpost. But to optimize stiffness of both the frame and the post, both are built with stiff fibers that can’t tolerate being pinched; the fibers will crack if deflected very far over a short distance by the seat binder clamp.

Felt’s solution for clamping aero seatposts is unique and game-changing, and its solution for clamping round posts puts reliability above weight and style considerations.

Because it isn’t round, an aero seatpost cannot be clamped inside an aero-shaped seat tube with a constricting band clamp. Instead, the clamp has to push on the trailing or leading edge of the post to wedge the opposite edge tightly against the inner wall of the seat tube or clamp. Felt uses a completely different seatpost-clamping system that also cuts the weight and the vertical rigidity of its aero posts. (And its aero posts can be huge, from the UCI-legal (3-to-1 depth-to-width ratio) aero seatposts on its AR-series aero road bikes and DA-series time trial bikes, to the extremely huge UCI-illegal (more like 8-to-1) aero seatposts on its IA triathlon bikes.)

Instead of clamping around the post or wedging it from the front or back, Felt clamps each wall of the aero seatpost against each inner wall of the seat tube by means of a vertical slot running down each side of the post. On each side, a bolt extending out of a thickened area at the top edge of the seat tube passes through the seatpost slot and threads into a separate aluminum plate conforming to the inner shape of the seatpost wall. Tightening each bolt simply clamps each wall of the seatpost flat between each aluminum plate and the wall of the seat tube.

To illustrate the concept, consider driving over a flat carbon-fiber sheet on a smooth concrete floor versus driving over a carbon seatpost. Obviously, the car tire will not crush the sheet of carbon, because there is no air space to compress it into, but it will crush both a round and an aero carbon seatpost.

The benefit to Felt’s clamping system is not just reliable clamping; it is also reduced weight, increased comfort, and increased frame durability. Since it does not have to withstand crushing forces to hold it in place, the seatpost walls can be very thin (you can easily flex the side walls of Felt AR, DA, and IA seatposts with your fingers) and hence lightweight. This also provides a slight amount of vertical compliance to a seatpost shape with which comfort is hard to come by. Finally, it prevents tearing the frame apart by tightening the seatpost, which is what wedge clamps are doing.

Clamps that wedge the seatpost from the back are effectively trying to tear the back of the seat tube off (so it has to be overbuilt and heavier to withstand it), and systems that wedge the seatpost from the front are effectively working to tear the top tube away from the seat tube. This may be part of the reason that you sometimes see bikes of pro riders tear apart in a crash at the wedge clamp inside the top tube that pushes against the seatpost; the rider standing out of the saddle is twisting at this area stuffed with carbon in a much less effective layup than throughout the rest of the frame.

Beyond a great clamping system, Felt builds a little suspension into its big “Vibration Reducing Aero” seatposts by encasing 3T’s “Difflock Comfort Module” saddle clamp in them. This 3T system fits into the large cross-hole in the top of the post. It surrounds the rail-clamping core with an elastic polymer allowing the cylindrical clamping module to twist and return when the rider hits a bump. The clamp also will accept all of the different available shapes of saddle rails without interchanging clamp parts. Finally, the seatposts are flip-position with different offsets available.

Even Felt’s round seatpost-clamping systems are different from the run of the mill. In its carbon F-series road racing, Z-series endurance road, and ZW-series women’s road bikes, Felt doesn’t chop weight by using a thin, single-bolt clamp. Instead, F, Z, and ZW frames all have taller two-bolt aluminum seat binder clamps, despite the battle to get frames below target weights, like the magical sub-700-gram weight. The 700-gram Felt F FRD frame does have a pair of titanium bolts threading into a scandium nut bar in the tall clamp; do does the F1. And rather than using a single slot, Felt has two slots on opposite sides of the seat tube, to reduce the amount that any individual fiber is forced to bend.

2. Materials

Carbon frames and forks used to have a woven top layer for aesthetic purposes that provided little additional strength or stiffness, while adding weight. Perhaps you assumed, as I did, that the checkerboard-weave top layer of Felt’s top frames is like this, but it isn’t. Instead, that layer of TeXtreme fabric actually saves weight and adds toughness to Felt frames, but it costs around 10 times as much as the unidirectional fabric it replaces.

TeXtreme Spread Tow Fabric offers the strength and toughness of two layers of unidirectional carbon in a single layer of the same weight as one of those unidirectional layers. Unidirectional carbon layers cannot stand alone for the same reason that a bulletproof vest made out of fibers all running the same direction could not stop a bullet; an impact can split the fibers if crossing ones are not there to hold them together.

Since the broad packets (“tows”) of TeXtreme fibers cross at 90 degrees, forming the checkerboard pattern, they provide the toughness of two crossing layers of unidirectional fabric with a single layer. Furthermore, the weaving allows thinner fibers to be used in the fabric without it being too delicate for human hands to wrap around a frame shape.

For added security, Felt uses a TeXtreme layer on the inside of the frame as well — the first layer workers put down. This can prevent “mystery” carbon frame failures by preventing fibers from imploding inward on impact. If a carbon frame takes an impact, it is often difficult to tell that there has been damage on the surface. But the sharp application of force can break internal fiber layers, which can splay out inside of the frame. Cracks can then propagate from there, and a rider’s frame may suddenly fail while JRA (“just riding along”), but the failure was actually due to a prior crash. Felt’s layer of woven TeXtreme inside can prevent severed unidirectional fabric fibers from splaying into the interior of the frame tube on impact, and can therefore stop the propagation of a crack.

TeXtreme fabric is made in Sweden, and due to laws intended to prevent strategic materials from falling into the hands of the Chinese military, Felt had to import it to the United States, have it impregnated with resin certified as being non-weapons-grade, and then send the pre-preg fabric, refrigerated, to China for use in its frames. You can imagine the added costs. Once Felt bought enough of it, TeXtreme went through a certification process with the U.S. government so that it sends the fabric to China directly, and it is pre-pregged there; this cost savings has made it possible for Felt to now use TeXtreme in a second model from the top in each frame series

Read more at Velonews

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Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Felt Z95 Endurance Road Bike (Carbon Fork) For Under $1000

Felt's 2015 Z95 is a Capable Roadster That Puts Excitement, Speed and Comfort Well Within Your Reach

This is a great bike for long distance riders and fitness enthusiasts, and it is an excellent bike for beginners. In addition, Riders who are returning to the sport would benefit from the shorter top tube, slacker head angle and taller head tube (18cm) puts less pressure on your lower back as the miles mount up, but the position isn’t that extreme, and with the 50x11 top gear you can hit high speeds and maintain them well.

Boasting Felt's light, efficient, and nimble custom-butted aluminum frame and a carbon fork, you'll climb with ease, corner with confidence and ride farther than ever.

It's also equipped with easy-spinning Felt wheels, a compact FSA crank, and Shimano Sora shifting with plenty of gears to flatten the hills.

From BikeRadar: "Sora’s levers are, ergonomically, a huge improvement over both Shimano’s 2300 and the Microshift specced on the 2012 Z95. Unlike 2300, shifting up the cassette is possible when you’re riding on the drops, and paired with the 11-32 cassette – with saucer-size inner sprocket – its gear range is virtually the equal of a triple."

Plus, the powerful dual-pivot brakes feature bar-top levers for complete control, and the host of quality Felt components are ready for any journey.
2508 E. 146th St. Indianapolis,  IN
(317) 257-1117

"If you’re looking for a bike for sportives, Felt’s well-specced, comfortable and classy-looking Z95 should be close to the top of your list."

Frame: Felt Endurance Road FLite Custom Butted aluminum, Hydroform TIG-welded construction, threaded BB, replaceable rear derailleur hanger

Fork: Felt Endurance Road UHC Performance carbon fiber blades, ControlTaper 1.125 - 1.5 aluminum steer tube

Headset: FSA NO.38/42B, 1.125 - 1.5 sealed bearing w/ Felt VariableHeight Cone Spacers (20mm PC, 4.5mm aluminum), 1x 10mm + 2 x 5mm PC headset spacers, Felt top cap & aluminum bolt

Bars: Felt SuperLite Road VariableShape, 71mm reach, 118mm drop, Ø31.8mm

Stem: Felt VariableAngle, +/- 8°/16° rise, Ø31.8mm

Speed: 18

Front Mech: Shimano Sora clamp-on, Ø31.8mm

Rear Mech: Shimano Sora short cage

Shifters Shimano Sora STI

Chainset: FSA Vero 50/34T

Bottom Bracket: FSA Square Tapered, 68 x 103mm

Cassette: Shimano,11-32T

Chain: KMC 9-speed

Front Brake: Dual pivot caliper

Rear Brake: Dual pivot caliper

Rims: Felt Road RSL3 (tubeless ready), 22mm width, 24mm depth

Front Hub: Felt R3, sealed bearing, 28H

Rear Hub: Felt R3, sealed cartridge bearing, 32H, 9-speed (11-speed compatible)

Spokes: 2.0mm stainless steel

Tires: Felt All Weather, 700 x 25c Front Felt All Weather, 700 x 25c Rear

Seatpost: Felt SuperLite Road, Ø27.2mm, 330mm length 

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Friday, January 2, 2015

7 Resulotions for A Better 2015

How About 7 Resolutions To Choose From?

#1 Lose Weight

Killing two birds with one stone has never been more fun. Cycling is ideal for weight loss because it burns tons of calories! Riding at a moderate speed (12-14 mph) you will burn approximately 235 calories per half hour!

Who said burning calories can't be fun? Even riding at a moderate 12-14 mph for half an hour will burn approximately 235 calories! Explore your neighborhood or local trails and get the benefit of exercise.

Just about everyone's New Year's Resolution list mentions something about shedding a few extra pounds. Why not have get fit and have fun at the same time? Cycling can burn upwards of 235 calories per half hour! Grab your bike from the garage or come in to see the many bikes we have in stock geared specifically towards your needs.

#2 Take an Indoor Cycling Class

To register for any of our program offerings listed HERE or to complete a Functional Threshold Power Test (FTP), just stop in or call the store, 317-257-1117.  Space for Coach-directed classes is limited so register early!

#3 Ride Before or To Work

Save gas and squeeze in extra training rides when you are crunched for time. Riding in the morning will speed up your metabolism too.

 #4 Clean/Maintain Your Bike

#5 Discover Roads Less Traveled

 #6 Commit To Stretching

#7 Take the Computer off your Bike

To mix things up, leave your bicycle computer or smart phone at home once a week. It can be way too easy to get sucked in to heart-rate numbers and mph averages. Ride your bike simply because you enjoy it. You'll have much more fun and be less likely to burn out before the end of the year.

#8 Support your local bike shop      :)

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Monday, December 29, 2014

[VIDEOS] The Complete Cycling Suite from Garmin - Available Now!

Garmin Vector Power Pedals


Power is an objective measure of your cycling performance on any given day, independent of environmental conditions or how you feel. Using a power meter like Vector allows you to gauge your training intensity with precision and perform power-based training.

Vectors are now available in a single-sensing model (Vector S) or dual-sensing model (Vector).  They are extremely easy to install.

Now you can have a total training solution from one company — from your compatible Garmin device to your Vector power meter to the post-ride analysis at Garmin Connect

 Garmin 920XT

Garmin 920XT Now in Stock!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Quintana Roo Illicito - Year End Clearance - T3 Cycling and Triathlon

2014 Quintana Roo Illicito on SALE

Was: $4,400
NOW: $2,860
Size: Medium/Large

Quintana Roo knows wind can be a drag, which is why the Illicito is as svelte as they come. The monocoque carbon frame takes QR's Shift technology and goes a step further by removing the drag-heavy left seatstay, while the overbuilt chainstay has a refined aero shape that makes it practically invisible to the wind. Furthermore, the carbon frame is super stiff thanks to a BB30 bottom bracket, carbon fork, and sculpted frame tubes. QR adds even more go-fast touches with a Shimano wheelset, hidden front and rear brakes, and the sure shifting performance of Shimano's 11speed Ultegra. See spec list for exact parts list on this bike we have in stock.

11 AM - 6PM 

For Our Customer Appreciation Open House. 

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Customer Appreciation Christmas Open House! - Join Us This Saturday!

 Christmas Customer Appreciation Open House

Sat. December 13th, 2014

11AM - 6PM 

Come hang out with us for our Christmas Customer Appreciation Open House!
Get special Christmas savings on tons of cycling and tri gear, Wahoo Kickr indoor trainer demo rides including...Ride a Kickr and get registered to win a Stages Power Meter!

Awesome door prizes and giveaways: Cycling and tri gear, gift cards, road or triathlon bike fit, bike tune up, indoor cycling classes and passes, nutritional products, vendor swag! Product reps will be on hand to answer questions.

Food and beverages provided by Boombaz Pizza and Fresh Market...Grilled chicken wings and drumsticks prepared by our own in-house chef, Doug Friedenson.

See the amazing Retul and Video bike fit system demonstrated by 20 year veteran fit pro Vern LaMere.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Not Too Late To Enroll - Reap All The Benefits of Off-Season Training

Winter Indoor Cycling Program

Turbo-charge your cycling power and endurance this Winter/Spring with T3's all-new indoor cycling programs! You will be in better shape than ever at the start of the Spring riding and racing season!  Don't be left behind...Go for it!

To Register for any of the program offering listed below or to complete a Functional Threshold Power Test (FTP), just stop in or call the store, 317-257-1117.  Space for Coach-directed classes is limited so register early!

Why should you choose T3's Indoor Cycling Program over others? 

The Wahoo Kickr Indoor bike trainer.
T3 is the ONLY indoor cycling program in Indy using the world's most advanced indoor bike trainer, the WAHOO KICKR.  Whether you are riding a virtual course or performing a structured power-based workout, the Wahoo Kickr  delivers a unique training experience unmatched by any trainer on the market.

Whether you are coasting down a hill or hammering up a steep climb,  the KICKR will make you feel like you are outside on the road.  The KICKR is the only trainer on the market that measures power directly at the hub, providing you consistent, reliable power.

With the Kickr's Direct Drive technology, simply take the back wheel off and connect to the Kickr rear hub and cassette for accurate power measurement and smooth controlled resistance!
No more need for a trainer tire and no more annoying wheel slippage! 

With 3rd party aps and programs that connect to the Kickr, there is access to literally thousands virtual 3-D and real video courses from all over world!

The Coaches

Vern LaMere:  T3 has their own in-house exercise physiologist.  That's right!  Owner Vern LaMere has a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology-Human Performance.  He has been a competitive road cyclist and multisport athlete for 30 years and continues to train and race at a high level, now competing exclusively in cycling road races, criteriums and cyclocross. (The 'ol knee finally said no more running!)  He has also coached hundreds of cyclists and mulitsport athletes over the years.  He is also one of the country's premier bike fitters, having conducted thousands of scientifically-based dynamic bike fits.  He is a motivational indoor cycling coach and will push you to new heights!

Jeff Hartman:  Jeff has an extensive back ground in a wide array of endurance sports.   He is an avid mountain biker and racer, road cyclist, trail runner, triathlete, and Xterra Triathlete.   He is the head coach for the Benjamin Harrison YMCA MultiSport program, a U.S. Masters Swimming Level 2 Coach, ACE Personal Trainer, and an RYT 200 Registered yoga instructor.   In 2015 he will become a USAT certified triathlon coach, and will be adding another race distance to his repertoire:  A 70.3!

Multiple Program Offerings (See below).   We offer Coach-Directed classes, Friday Night KOM class (King of the Mountain!), Saturday long rides, AND, if your riding schedule needs to be more flexible, we also have Open Training any time during our regular business hours

FREE STUFF!  Many of our vendors will throw us some free swag (T-shirts, hats, socks, etc), gu's and other nutrition samples, even chamios cream that we either just give out or offer as weekly door prizes.   Sorry no bikes or carbon wheels!

FUN!   Along with our passion for cycling and multisport, we do like to have fun, and so will you by participating in our indoor cycling programs!

Indoor Cycling Programs Include:

Coach-Directed Classes  

We are offering Two 8-week coach directed classes.   Training by power is the most effective and efficient method of cycle training, so each workout is power-based.  All rider data in graphic below will be displayed on a big screen TV.  Individualized power zones will be calculated

from pre and post Functional Threshold Power Tests (FTP). These power tests will be conducted the first and last class of each session.

Session 1:  
Nov 3 - Jan 10
(Excluding wks 12/22 and 12/29)
Cost: $320

Session 2:
Jan 12 - March 7
Cost: $320 
When registering pick two nights, 
Discount: Sign up for both session and receive an $75 discount!

Bike Storage is available for $40 per month, $30 per month when  you sign up for both sessions. 

Friday Night KOM ....King of the Mountain! 

When: Friday's starting Nov 7 - March 6,  (Excluding weeks 12/22 and 12/29)
Time: 6pm
Cost: $15 ($10 if signed up for a Coach-Directed session ).  

Saturday Long Ride

This is a 2-3 hour ride on one of hundreds of vitual and/or video courses from around the world!  2 sessions will be availalbe on Saturdays.  You can make this a sufferfest ride or at simply ride at your own pace.  Team/Club group rates are available.  Must call advance to researve spots.    
When: Saturday's starting Nov 8 - March 7  (Excluding weeks 12/22 and 12/29)
Time: 9am and 12 noon. 
Cost: $15 ($10 if signed up for a Coach-Directed Session) 

Open Training  
You can come in to ride any time during our regular business hours.  Each open training session can last up to 1hr 30 minutes, with each additional 15 minutes $3.  Call in advance to reserve your space.  

Open Training:  Nov 3-March 7 during T3's regular business hours.  Excludes coach-directed classes.

Single Session Fee:  $15 per 1hr 30min.
10 Visit Pass: $130 (For an additional $5, pass may be used for Friday Night KOM and Saturday Long Ride.)
20 Visit Pass: $220  (For an additional $5, pass may be used for Friday Night KOM and Saturday Long Ride.)

What do I need to bring?
  • Bike
  • Hydration (2 bottles if possible)
  • Cycling clothes and shoes
  • Towel to wipe off sweat and to keep sweat off bike
  • Positive attitude and willingness to work!
What if I want to know my power zones but do not want to sign up for a coach-directed Class? 

Functional Threshold Power Tests (FTP) can be scheduled separately from the class schedules. Performing this test every six weeks gives an indication of the effectiveness of training.  A twenty minute time trial will be performed and Functional Threshold Power (FTP) will be estimated from the results of that effort. Personal power zones will then be determined and provided to you. The entire test including warm-up and cool-down takes about an hour.
Cost: $75

What is Functional Threshold Power (FTP)?
FTP is the highest steady state power an individual can sustain for approximately one hour without fatiguing. This is determined by performing a twenty minute maximal effort time trial. One’s FTP is estimated by taking 95% of the twenty minute power output. Power based training levels are determined as percentages of FTP and are used to ensure appropriate training adaptations for a given goal.

To Register
To register for any of the program offering listed above or to complete a Functional Threshold Power Test (FTP), just stop in or call the store, 317-257-1117.  Space for Coach-directed classes is limited so register early!

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