Thursday, April 10, 2014

25% Off Craft Winter Clothing and Profile Design Sync Hydration System

Winter Clothing and Hydration Systems On Sale NOW at T3 Cycling and Triathlon

Come in Today to see all the great deals we have on bike apparel, accessories, fittings, not to mention great bikes from Cervélo, Felt, BMC, LOOK, and Quintana Roo!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 Felt F75x, F65x, and F5x Cyclocross Bikes — Nice Bikes at Nicer Prices

2014 Felt Cyclocross Bikes Available At T3 Cycling and Triathlon

2014 Felt F75x
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Felt's F75x is a great value for the entry-level 'crosser. Felt has hydroformed the top tube of the Cyclocross Superlight Custom Butted 7005 tube set to make the frame more shoulder-friendly and pair it with the 'cross-specific UHC Advanced monocoque fork for great strength and stiffness. Shimano 105 shifters and rear derailleurs combined with Felt's All-Weather sealed derailleur cables and housing for no-fuss shifting in all conditions. With the F75x, you're ready to race.

2014 Felt F65x
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The F65x is the most affordable disc-equipped 'cross bike that Felt makes. Cyclocross Superlight Custom Butted 7005 tube set, same shoulder friendly top tube and add an IS disc mount. The UHC Performance monocoque fork features carbon fiber blades and a tapered 1.25" to 1.5" aluminum steerer and disc tabs. Felt pairs a SRAM Apex shifters and a front derailleur with a Rival rear derailleur for lightweight and fuss-free shifting. Avid BB5 mechanical discs make sure you stop when you need to. Any conditions, any course.

2014 Felt F5x
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With the F5x Felt brings carbon fiber performance to new levels of affordability. They use UHC Performance MMC carbon fiber to produce a disc-equipped carbon fiber frame lighter and stiffer than anything comparable. Like it's more expensive stable mates, it features a flattened, shoulder friendly top tube. The UHC Performance monocoque fork delivers superior strength and low weight. Felt pairs SRAM Apex shifters and front derailleur with a Rival rear derailleur for awesome and hassle-free shifting. This is carbon fiber performance at an aluminum price.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Nutrition for Triathletes and Cyclists — Hammer Nutrition, Gu, Honey Stinger, Bonk Brekaer, Huma, Skratch Labs and More!

Want To Fuel, Sustain or Recover Energy While Riding, Pre-Work-Out or Post-Work-Out? Consider These Nutrition Products.


Fuel Up Before Your Ride

Obviously, you need calories to fuel your workouts. There are many options to accomplish this, including energy drinks and other supplements, many of which we have right here at T3 Cycling and Triathlon.

Hammer HEED
(High Electrolyte Energy Drink)

GU Roctane
Energy Drink
GU Roctane
"Rocket Fuel"

Eat or Drink While Riding To Sustain Energy

Your body can only store a one- to two-hour supply of glycogen (muscle fuel). Once this is depleted, if you keep riding, you risk bonking (also known as hitting the wall). So, it's important to carry food or stop for snacks while riding. Here are some portable products — dry powders, energy bars and gels that you can easily keep in a waterbottle, saddle bag or jersey pocket.
Bonk Breaker Energy Bar
Clif Energy Gel Shot
Chia Energy Gel

Recovery — Just As Important As The Rest

There's a one-hour window of opportunity immediately after workouts when the muscles absorb the most nutrients and when glycogen, an energy reserve in your muscles, is replaced most efficiently. Check out some of the recovery products we offer:
Hammer Recoverite Mix

GU Recovery Brew

Hammer Recovery Bar

 No two people will like the same types of energy drinks, gels or bars. Come in and let us help you decide what may be best for you. We'd love to help you with your nutrition!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 BMC TeamMachine SLR02 Shimano 105 - Exceptionally Efficient and Futuristic Frameset

Frantically Fast When You Want It To Be, Yet Superbly Comfortable

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The SLR02 frame is derived from the Pro Peloton level SLR01. They have had to make a couple of compromises in the frame to get it to an affordable price.

The engineers at BMC have done an incredible job of creating this truly masterful race bike, yet one that comfort levels that are rarely seen on such an aggressive bike. The way they have achieved this is by building in compliance to the fork — without twisting so it still sprints as it should, but it still handles the bumps in the road smoothly.

The seat tube is severely tapered, leading into a slender BMC proprietary carbon seatpost, designed to flex and be able to defer the sting of rough roads and potholes.

Because of it's price, the BMC Team Machine SLR02 is fitted with a mechanical, cable driven drivetrain. However, it is fully Di2 ready — and all you need to do is remove the bosses that hold the cables in place to find the holes that allow for electronic routing. Plus, the upgrade to Di2 will put your bike on a diet, taking away from it's already light 950g weight.

At the bottom bracket things get interesting. The BB shell is hugely offset in relation to the down tube, and the seat tube is also shaped and curved enhancing the offset. Now Pinarello came up with the proven concept of an asymmetric back end that balances the forces through pedalling in the rear triangle. BMC’s clever touch is that the back end is balanced in its shape and design; it’s asymmetric at the bottom bracket. The down tube meets biased towards the non drive side and the seat tube tapers in a constant curve towards the same. This means plenty of clearance around the chainset and a straight chain line while maintaining all the rigidity needed.

The SLR02 has a generally impressive specification – we love the inclusion of a Fi'zi:k saddle, quality Continetal rubber and impressive 3T cockpit. Though this BMC is still very much a race bike because of its shape and handling, it is spec'ed well for any sport you want to take on. Its groupset is full Shimano 105, 50/34 compact crank, and the rear cassette is an incredibly wide range of 11-32.

Come in to T3 Cycling and Triathlon today to see all the great models we have to offer from BMC
like this bike's older brother: The 2014 BMC TeamMachine SLR01 Dura-Ace Di2.

Plus - we have bikes from other great companies like Felt, LOOK, Guru, Quintana Roo and Cervelo.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Test Ride A Felt Bike And You Could Win A Trip To Hawaii

Test Ride Any Felt Bicycle Between March 1st, 2014 and April 15, 2014 and Receive an Entry Voucher for the Ride to Hawaii Event!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Save Up to $150 On 2014 Quintana Roo Bikes!

Yes, Get A $50, $100, or Even $150 Rebate On The Newest 2014 Bikes From QR!


Offer Overview:

• Valid on 2014 Bikes Purchased Before June 1st, 2014.

• Rebate form must be submitted within 30 days of purchase

• Copy of original receipt and USAT membership card attached

• Purchase must be from an authorized QR dealer (That's Us!)

Rebate Amounts:


$50 back on Kilo, Seduza, Dulce, CD0.1 Rival
$100 back on Lucero Lite, CD0.1: Rival Race, Ultegra, Ultegra Race; Framesets: CD0.1, Illicito
$150 back on CD0.1: Di2, Di2 Race, Illicito

Come in today to see all the excellent bikes we have in stock including 2014 Quintana Roo, Felt, Cervelo, Look, and BMC!

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